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Capcont L

for capacitive filling level supervision in liquids and solids

Capacitive level switch Capcont L


  • Useable for dry run protection of pumps
    in liquids, viscous substances, granular substances or powders
    as gasket-free measuring system for hygienic applications
    for electrically conductive and non-conductive materials

  • Suitable for wide process temperature range from – 40°C to +140 °C

  • Useable at process pressures from –1 to 10 bar

  • ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 resp. ATEX II 1 D Ex iaD 20 T60°C

  • Certification for the use in explosion hazardous areas

  • Useable as overflow protection acc. to WHG

  • Fully isolated electrode rod with isolation 1mm in PTFE resp. PEEK

  • Integrated evaluation electronic with PNP switching output
  • For filling level resp. limit value detection in containe

Application description

The device is suitable for limit value detection of also as dry run protection in liquids and viscous substances and also in powdery and fine granular substances, like e.g. grain, flour, powdered milk, mixing food, cement, chalk or gypsum.

It can be used in electrically conductive as well as in non-conductive materials.

The device is certificated for the use as overflow protection acc. to WHG.

Capcont L with integrated evaluation electronic is a compact filling level limit switch for supervision of filling levels in liquids and solids within container or pipes, also in explosive hazardous areas, at process temperatures from – 40°C to +140°C and process pressures from –1 up to 10 bar. Capcont LL with metallic gasket and rod isolation in PEEK is especially suitable for the use in hygienic applications

Function description

An adjustment of the detection level is possible.

The device is a capacitive operating sensor for limit value detection.

Electrode rod, filling material and container wall creates an electrical capacitor.

The contact of the electrode rod with the filling material produces a variation in capacity, that is evaluated by the electronic and converted in a correspondent switching action.

The detection of a filling level signal is indicated at the plug side of the device by a yellow LED and converted into a switching command and output at the PNP switching output.

This allows the drive of relays, contactors, magnetic vents, optical indicators, horns as well as of SPS inputs.

At a switching reaction, the voltage of the connection terminal 1 (+L) is output alternating by two contrary operated semiconductor switches at two connection terminals.

The adjustment of the responsitivity of the device to the respective filling material is done by a potentiometer.

Capcont LS is mounted from the top side of the pressure container or of the pipe. Capcont LL is mounted from the top side or into the side wall of the pressure container or of the pipe


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