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Capcont M

for capacitive fill level supervision in liquids and solid materials

Capacitive level switch Capcont M


  • Fill level resp. limit value detection in container
  • Dry run protection for pumps
  • Useable in liquids, viscous substances, granular materials or powders
  • Useable for electrically conductive and non-conductive substances
  • Suitable for a wide process temperature range from -30°C to +125 °C
  • Useable at process pressures from -1 to 10 bar
  • Fully isolated electrode rod with isolation 1mm in PTFE
  • Integrated evaluation electronic with PNP switching output - invertable

Application description

The devices of the series Capcont M with integrated evaluation electronic are compact fill level limit switches for supervision of fill levels in liquids and solid materials in containers or pipelins at process temperatures from -30°C to +125°C and process pressures from -1 up to 10 bar.   

The device is suitable for limit value detection or also as dry run protection in liquids and viscous substances but also in powdery and fine-grained materials, like e.g. grain, flour, powdered milk, mixing food, cement, chalk or gypsum. It can be used in electrically conductive as well as non-conductive materials.

Function description

The fill level limit switch Capcont M is a capacitive operating sensor with limit value detection.  

Electroden rod, filling material and container wall realizes an electrical capacitor. A fill material changing causes a capacity change that is evaluated by the electronic and is converted into a corresponding switching reaction. At transgression or underrun of the limit value a switching signal at the PNP switching output is created. This allows a control of relays, contractors, magnetic valves, light signaling units, horn as well as SPS inputs. A plugable yellow LED indicates an active PNP switching output.  

A possibility for change over the minimum / maximum safety is integrated. The Die adjustment of the reaction sensivity is made by a potentiometer.


You will find at the technical manuals and/or datasheets as PDF. For this you need the Acrobat Reader, that you can download here.