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Silocont SIC-350

Rotary paddle switch Silocont SIC-350

Point level switch Silocont SIC-350


  • Safety comes first - Overfill prevention with an automatic rotation monitoring system
  • Optical rotation control for a fast and easy check either for installation or for trouble shooting
  • Extremely robust polymer housing with the latest dust Ex certification for ATEX, FM and CSA
  • Cost savings over the whole life cycle: quick installation; fast trouble shooting concept without the need of demounting; best price performance ratio in the market
  • Adjustment to weight of solids without the need for tools
  • Housing can be rotated 360° to enable optimal alignment following installation.


The economical Solicont SIC-350 is a paddle switch for point level detection in bulk materials. Its robust polymer housing and compact design makes it an ideal sensor for full, empty and demand alarm in applications with bulk solids. The optimized polymers make the unit outstandingly robust and therefore suitable for use in dust explosive areas according the latest standards.

Field of application

  • Process connections: NPT 1½", PBT; NPT 1¼", PBT; G 1½", PBT; NPT 1½", 1.4305; NPT 1¼", 1.4305; G 1½", 1.4305
  • Sensor length: Different standard lenghts between 100mm (4") and 600mm (24"), additional rope length of 2000 mm (80") (can be shortened)
  • Medium temperature: -20 to +80°C (-4 to +170°F)
  • Pressure: 0.5 to 1.8bar (7 to 25psi)
  • ATEX II 1/3 D, CSA DIP/ II, III/1/E-G, FM DIP/ II, III/1/E-G


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