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  • Reliable alarm:

    level sensor with remote data transmission

  • ACS water level instruments:

    level measurement and recording of water levels

  • For the food sector:

    hygienic fill level measurement

  • ACS devices in use:

    pressure sensor

  • Water and waste water industry:

    level measurement in waste water treatment

  • Industry automation

Paperless recorders

Regicont RCD-450
For indication and analyzation of measuring values, for the advanced use in safety relevant applications

Front in high-grade steel in IP65 e.g. for pharmaceutical and food industry, multi-product-systems ...
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Paperless recorder Regicont RCE-300

Regicont RCE-300
Paperless recorder for display, recording and remote transmitter

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Data logger

Data logger Translog DL-100

Data logger Translog DL-100
Measurement value recorder for 1 analogue and 1 digital input

Easy measurement value evaluation by software GM-500
Rugged design IP 65
Long life time of the integrated battery power supply
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Display devices

Process display DPA

Process display DPA
Ultrasonic - level measurement  non-contact recording of levels  in liquids, pastes and coarse bulk materials
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process dislay and evaluation device DAL-401

universal display and evaluation device
with limit values and hysteresis, 5-digit LED display 
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Industrial process controller

Industrial process controller MIR- 200 | 221

Microprocessor controlled temperature controller
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Industrial process controller MIR- 401 | 411 | 421

Universal industrial controller
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Industrial process controller MIR- 491 | 492

Industrial and process controller
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Industrial process controller MIR- 540 | 541

Process controller
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Industrial process controller MIR- 580 | 581

Multi-functional controller
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Industrial process controller DAR-800

Process Indicators for analog process variables

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Industrial control devices

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You will find at the technical manuals and/or datasheets as PDF. For this you need the Acrobat Reader, that you can download here.