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Data collector to collect water level


Applications and examples

Media: liquids, water, drinking water

Measurement principles: hydrostatic, integrated temperature measurement, self-sufficient, data logger, data logger, GSM connectivity, GPRS connection, GSM - data transfer, GPRS data logger, GPRS - Remote Data Transmission

Types: submersible, battery-powered level sensor, GSM modules, level modem

• Level sensors
   ◦ Hydrolog®-1000 Water level sensor with data memory
   ◦ Hydrolog®-3000 Water level sensor with data memory
   ◦ PS70 Water level sensor with data memory
   ◦ PS71 Water level sensor with data memory
   ◦ Hydrolog-500 (replacement Hydrolog 1000)

• Remote data transmission
   ◦ GSM-3000 Data remote transmission module
   ◦ GM71 Data remote transmission module
   ◦ GSM-1000 (replacement GSM-3000)

• Hand-reading device
   ◦ Nautitz X8 Rugged PDA for programming and data collection
   ◦ Nautiz X7 (replacement Nautiz X8)
   ◦ Recon (replacement Nautiz X8)
   ◦ Nomad (replacement Nautiz X8)

• Software
   ◦ GM-600


• Alarm Management
• Well Measurement
• Remote data acquisition
• Data Collectors
• Data storage
• Remote data
• water table
• Ground water level
• Groundwater Probe
• Ground water level
• Groundwater Measurement
• Groundwater station
• Groundwater Measurement
• Flood alarm
• High water logging
• Flood Protection
• Measured values are transmitted to the Internet
• Data acquisition
• Recording level
• Level Measurement
• Level measurement in reservoirs
• Level Data
• Level Measurement
• Level measurement with GPRS connection
• Level measurement with GSM connection
• Level Logging
• Level
• Water levels
• Level Sensor
• Level probe
• Sensors for Hydrometry
• Sensors for Hydrometry
• Deep-well measurement
• Water level
• Water level measurement
• water level flows
• Water level measurement
• Water level sensor
• Water level recording
• Military Panel