Precont® ML

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Pressure transmitter for measurement of absolute or relative pressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dust

  • EHEDG-compliant hygienic process connections
  • CIP and SIP capable
  • Process temperatures up to 150°C



The device Precont® ML is an electronic pressure transmitter for continuous measuring of relative or gauge pressures in gases, vapors, liquids and dusts within closed container or pipes.

The use of a piezoresistive measuring sensor with EHEDG conformal metallic membrane and the corresponding excellent characteristics, allows the use especially in hygienic applications.



The device is mounted in the wall of the pressure container or of the pipe.
The system pressure is applied to the metallic membrane and causes there a variation of the resistance of the strain gage at the back side of the membrane.
The metallic membrane offers excellent characteristics like high pressure and pressure blow strength, vacuum resistance, high accuracy and reproducibility, good long term stability and a low temperature influence.
A FDA-listed pressure transmitting liquid is used for the transmission of the pressure from the membrane to the strain gage.
The pressure signal, that is transmitted by the membrane to the sensor is converted into an electrical signal and converted by the integrated evaluation electronic into a current signal 4…20 mA resp. voltage signal 0…10 V.

4_20mA_2_Draht CIP_SIP Prozesstemperatur_150 EHEDG_konform Ansprechzeit 4_20mA_2_PNP
Supply current
4…20mA 2-wire 10 V…30 V DC
0…10V 3-wire 14 V…30 V DC
Power supply
4…20mA 2-wire ≤ 30mA
0…10V 3-wire ≤ 6mA
Measurement accuracy
Characteristics deviation ≤ ±0,5% FS
Long term drift ≤ ±0,2% FS/year, not cumulative
Temperature deviation ≤ ±0,2% FS/10K (Zero / Span)
(medium contact)
Steel 1.4535 (316L)
Process connection
(medium contact)
Steel 1.4535 (316L)
Connection housing CrNi-Steel
(medium contact)
FPM – fluorelastomere (Viton®)
EPDM – ethylene-propylene-dienmonomere, FDA-listed
Electrical connection part Electrical connection type V – Plug M12: Device plug PUR
Electrical connection type S/T – Plug EN 175-301-803:
Device plug PA / Gasket NBR
Electrical connection Cable gland PA / Gasket CR / NBR / Cable sheath PE
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -40°C…+85°C
Process temperatures -20°C…+150°C
Process pressure ranges -1…+25bar
Protection IP65 (EN/IEC 60529)
IP68 [≤ 1mWS – 1h] (EN/IEC 60529)

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