Thermohunter BA

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Non-contact infrared thermometer

  • Contactless temperature measurement
  • Measurements up to 500°C possible
  • Detection range up to 1 m away



The Thermohunter BA allows contactless temperature measurement from 0 up to 500°C from a safe distance.

The result can be read in a built-in digital display and is also transfered as an analog signal.

With the built-in coaxial laser sensor the measurement point is set up easy on an object. In order to improve the measurement result the emission factor can be entered via the keyboard.

With the aid of a comparison instrument or contact thermometer, the emission factor can be determined automatically and simple.

Temperature range 0°C…500°C
display: -20°C…+520°C
min. measuring surface Ø 6mm / 200mm
Optics silicone lens
Sensor / Wavelength thermopile
8μm…14 μm
Response time 500ms
Accuracy ±1% of the measured value or ±2°C ±1 Digit (the higher value) (E=1.0)
Repetition time ±1% of the measured value
Resolution 1°C
Analog output BA-06TA: 1mV/°C
BA-06TA: 4…20mA
Output resolution 0,2°C
Center coaxial laser positioning
Emission factor 0.10 – 0.20
Delay nominal 1-200 (0,05s – 10s) variable
Supply 12V…24 V DC ±10%
max. 150mA
Ambient temperature 0°C…50°C
Ambient moisture 35%…85% r.F. (not condensing)
Storage temperature -10°C…60°C
Vibrations 30G (20Hz…50Hz)
Waterproof IP65
Weigth 350g

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