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Process display DPA

Easy and clear display and analysis, for display, processing, implementation and galvanic separation of electric standard signals - even from hazardous areas

Process display DPA


  • TFT display
  • Analog output (0) 4-20 mA and 4 switching outputs
  • Accuracy of ≤ 0,2%
  • Simple commissioning thanks to intuitive user guidance
  • Large display - values ​​of long distance readable
  • Data logger function for recording of measured values
  • Excellent display of measured values
  • Clear text operator guidance



The digital display unit DPA is designed for front panel mounting or on-site assembly or for mounting on a standard DIN rail. The electrical standard signal in the range of 0-10V or 0 to 20 mA is detected by the evaluatio , adjusted in accordance with the programmed settings and is transmitted and electrically isolated on the output signal 0 .. 10V or 0/4...20mA. Due to the possible entry of 40 breakpoints also non-linear input signals, eg of horizontal cylindrical tanks can be linearized for further processing. Up to 4 programmable relay switching points can be assigned to the input signal.

The modern transmitter has extensive diagnostic functions for system analysis and still allows easy setup and operation through the clear navigation. The digital process meter DPA is also suitable for the detection and measurement of flow rates and currents. The mathematical formulas for this are already stored in the device.

The TFT color display provides an excellent representation of the measured values and easy readability. Intelligent Data management is made possible with the digital display unit DPA by the Bluetooth interface and a built-in data logger function with a time stamp to record up to 500,000 readings.


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