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  • Reliable alarm:

    level sensor with remote data transmission

  • ACS water level instruments:

    level measurement and recording of water levels

  • For the food sector:

    hygienic fill level measurement

  • ACS devices in use:

    pressure sensor

  • Water and waste water industry:

    level measurement in waste water treatment

  • Industry automation

Regicont RCE-300

Paperless recorder for display, recording and remote transmitter

Regicont RCE-300 - Product Picture Paperless recorder for display, recording and remote transmitter

Your benefits

• Versatile: up to 12 universal inputs record a wide range of measuring signals
• Clear layout: 5.7" TFT screen for displaying measured values in a maximum of  our groups, with digital, bar graph and curve display
• Fast: 100 ms scan rate for all channels
• Compact: low installation depth, saves space and money
• Easy: intuitive operation via the navigator (jog/shuttle dial) on site, or userfriendly operation at the PC via the integrated web server
• Safe: reliable data archiving with internal memory and separate SD card
• Informative: e-mail notification in event of alarms and limit violation
• System-enabled: common interfaces such as Ethernet, RS232/485, USB and optional slave function for Modbus RTU/TCP
• Smart: optional mathematics functions to calculate other values


The Regicont RCE-300 graphic display recorder records and visualizes relevant process values via analog or digital input signals. The measured values are securely saved and limit values are monitored. Furthermore the Regicont RCE-300 offers intuitive operation and simple system integration. Remote configuration and visualization of the current and recorded data is easy thanks to the integrated web server - no additional software needs to be installed. In addition the Essential Version of the Field Data Manager software is also supplied with the product as standard. This software can be used to export the recorded data, save the data to an SQL database in a way that the data cannot be manipulated, and visualize the data externally.

The Regicont RCE-300 is the right solution for a wide range of applications such as:

• Quality and quantity monitoring in the water and wastewater industry
• Monitoring of processes in power stations
• Displaying and recording of critical process parameters
• Tank and level monitoring
• Temperature monitoring in metal working





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