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    level sensor with remote data transmission

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    level measurement and recording of water levels

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    hygienic fill level measurement

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    pressure sensor

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    level measurement in waste water treatment

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ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM combines the classic level measurement and the digital world.

The demands placed on level measurement have risen. Not only legal requirements, but also natural hazards require the highest reliability, accuracy, topicality and security of the measured values.

This is why ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM developed the new all-in-one system. For ground water measurement with the Hydrocont HP4 or the new data logger Hydrolog HLF4, as well as the divided level measurements with the Hydrocont HP4 or the Sonicont USP4 and the data transmission unit Datalogger DLF4 were created new and secure transmission paths. Measured values are automatically transferred in the ACS Portal and converted into transparent graphics and charts, or provided in map view (based on GoogleMaps).

A redundancy measurement guarantees reliable readings, because the measuring system verifies itself through two physically independent measurements. The Datalogger DLF4, as well as the Hydrolog HLF4 alert in case of deviating values, therefore manual control measurements are barely necessary.

ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH offers holistic solutions for you!




Example of application

Water level sensor with data memory and data remote transmission module in use

The Wasserkraftwerke Passau GmbH shows with the help of WKW Grubmühle by a fish facility the use of a water level sensor with data memory and data remote transmission module.

Download presentation use of a water level sensor with data memory and data remote transmission module

Case study

Battery-powered level sensor with remote data transmission as part of the monitoring of the construction site on Sylvensteinspeicher

After extensive modernization from 1994 to 2001 since the spring of 2011 are further upgrading measures.
This is an additional sealing wall and an improved detection and monitoring system for leachate to be built.
Just this installation of the slurry wall was so never performed in Europe and represents a technological breakthrough dar. This heavy excavators is created by the dam from a narrow slit down to 70m depth and immediately filled with concrete up to 250 tons.
In order to monitor the construction work during this leachate generation and to identify any exceedances in the area of the dam foot of WWA World Championships were several autonomously operating level probes Hydrolog® 3000 of the
Part of the measuring points was fitted in addition to the data transmission module, GSM 3000, to trigger immediate notification measures for limit violations can.
The measuring points are installed distributed throughout the perineal area in level pipes that extend to the Dammfuß. Using a high precision and long-term stable ceramic measuring here the hydrostatic head is measured and recorded the data in the integrated data logger.
At the measuring points which have a level mounted on the pipe data transmission module, the collected measurement values ​​are transmitted via GSM or GPRS network automatically to the control room.

Water level sensors

Water level sensor with data memory - Hydrolog 3000

Hydrolog® 3000
Water level sensor with data memory for autonomous recording and storing
of water levels and temperatures in liquids
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Water level sensor with data memory - Hydrolog 1000

Hydrolog® 1000 - water level sensor with data memory
with dry capacitive ceramic measurement membrane diameter 22 mm, for battery powered recording of water level and temperature, for level tubes from 1 ¼" with alarm management, with data memory up to 128kB, for drink water and life food applications
» more

Module for data transmission

Data remote transmission module GSM-3000

Data remote transmission module GSM-3000
for measuring data remote transmission and remote alarming from water level sensors of the series Hydrolog
» more

Wireless data removal and configuration of water level sensors and RDT modules
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Handheld device

PDA for programming and data collection Nautiz X7

Nautiz X8
Rugged PDA for programming and data collection
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