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Flood report 2013

ACS helps in short term and level probes have proven themselves in the flood

The flood leaves behind desperate people, places and destroyed billions damage. The waters have caused great devastation to the south and east and north of the currently gearing up against the destructive power of the flood.
At the same time comes during this devastating time by the great dismay of all citizens courage, enterprise, solidarity and helpfulness. All ACS Control System GmbH employees thoughts are with the people affected and wish much strength. It is understood that ACS Control System GmbH provides assistance.

Were short in the crisis areas around Deggendorf and Passau level probes with SMS transmission needs to be able to monitor current water levels there. In a few hours of this ACS Control System GmbH was provided quickly and efficiently available. These probes reliably send the current water levels by SMS to the relevant water authorities.

Not only Passau, Deggendorf, but also among other Arnstorf was affected. Level probes are here for 3 years at the local creek in use. According to Mr. Lechner from Arnstorf, they work very reliably. The probes are responsible for alerting, when the creek rises at short notice, for example, Crossings and roads block from the building permit. Even in the specific case of floods, the probes have reliable alarm.

Level probes to Arnstorfer stream: 01:07 to 01:54 min

Video: REDstoneCLIPTZ  (

Especially in this century flood our level probes have shown again how important reliable and early alarms can be. This system can quite really safe human lifes apart from the reduction of economic damage. But in the hopefully long periods where there is no flood, the level measurements of ACS Control system GmbH can do an outstanding service by recording the water levels reliably and forward them either by reading out manually or by remote data transmission to the competent authorities.



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