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  • Reliable alarm:

    level sensor with remote data transmission

  • ACS water level instruments:

    level measurement and recording of water levels

  • For the food sector:

    hygienic fill level measurement

  • ACS devices in use:

    pressure sensor

  • Water and waste water industry:

    level measurement in waste water treatment

  • Industry automation

GM-600 / GM-620

Operation and evaluation software for water level sensors Hydrolog® and data transmission modules

Operation and evaluation software for water level sensors Hydrolog and data transmission modules

Application description

The device manager family GM-600 and GM-620 are used for parameterization and data retrieval, the level probe type Hydrolog® and data transmission modul GSM -3000. Data management, measurement graphics, export and archiving of measured values ​​are also possible.

GM-600 is a version primarily for use on PC and laptops (Windows 2000) to run with the Windows operating system.
The GM-620 is specifically designed for use in Pocket PCs, but also mobile phones, with the NETFramework eg Windows Mobile (5.0 +) to work. By automatic functions the retrieval of the measuring points and the way to export the data independently are possinle. When you export the data, the measured values are ​​in Excel, txt, but also cross-vendor formats such as WISKI / SODA (KISTERS).


  • easy to install
  • Intelligent user management to prevent manipulation
  • simple software design
  • Operating system: Windows 98/98SE, NT, 2000, XP
  • Data archiving, analysis and presentation
  • for Hydrolog® 1000/3000 and GSM-3000
  • Level hydrographs for comparison superposable
  • Export data to Excel, ASCII, Wiski
  • Hydras 3 and customer-specific
  • Intelligent alarm management for alarms 8 + hysteresis
  • Password-protected data storage, free multi-user installation



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