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Long-distance data transmission module for data transmission and remote alarm

For Hydrolog®-3000


  • Remote data transmission by wireless GSM communications network

  • Remote data transmission by GPRS to FTP server

  • Quad band - compatible for the worldwide use in mobile telephony network

  • Remote alarming to PC or mobile phone

  • Integrated battery for run times of more than 5 years

  • Connection of water level sensors series Hydrolog®

  • Installation on water level tubes 4" and wider

  • Control plumbing by cable light plumbline without deinstallation

  • Flood protected up to 3m water column

  • LCD display for all relevant measuring place data’s

  • Password protected access

Application description

The module GSM - 3000 is used for remote data transmission (RDT), remote alarming and for configuration of a connected autonomous water level sensor with data memory series Hydrolog® by using the wireless GSM communications network. A GPRS remote data transmission to a FTP server is also possible.

It can be used e.g. for the automation of the data transmission resp. for alarming at river water levels that are difficulty obtainable or that must be supervised fast and regular in the case of high water to eliminate or to reduce possible risks.

Another case of use can be the realizing of closed-control loops that are installed far away from each other, e.g. to vary automatically the drain of a reservoir due to the water levels of the feeding rivers.

A further application case is the realizing of a worldwide stockpiling management, where various stock levels, also from worldwide spread production plants, are continuously transmitted per GPRS to a FTP server.
The head office will then arrange automatically a repeat order

Function description

The RDT module is used as connection link between the measuring place with a water level sensor series Hydrolog® and e.g. the data processing equipment in the office resp. the operation forces in the case of alarming.
Dependent on the configuration of the RDT module different functions are possible.
These are e.g. the transmission of alarming messages per SMS to mobile phones at the attainment of an preset water level or the regular transmission of the measuring values that are stored in the connected water level sensor to the control station or per GPRS to a FTP server.
Additionally a standby mode e.g. daily for one hour can be set, where the RDT module and also the connected water level sensor can be configured per remote transmission.
The processing of the measuring data's resp. the changing's of the configuration are made by the software Gerätemanager GM - 600 resp. GM - 620.
With one battery a run time of much more than 5 years, dependent on the settings can be achieved. There can be sent more than 3000 SMS or more than 400 data record packets of a fully stored water level sensor can be transmitted. Also possible is a standby time, that means call readiness of the RDT module of more than 400 hours. In the case of an unloaded battery a warning message can be sent to prevent timely from a system stop.
The battery change can be made fast and uncomplicated at the bottom side of the filler cap.
In the RDT module a LCD display for cyclic indication of all relevant measuring place data's is integrated.
A control plumbing with a cable light plumbline can be done very easily, because the RDT module is integrated in the cover of the filler cap. Only the water level sensor is mounted in the water level tube.
Integrated over voltage protection modules prevents the destruction of the RDT module caused by atmospheric influences like e.g. thunder strike.


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