Ultrasonic level monitoring in the food sector

Veröffentlicht am: 11.04.2016

The application

In a mixing tank with agitator leaven is prepared according to the recipe. Subsequently, the dough should go through a maturing process for acidification and fermentation. During the suspension the dough quilt on repeatedly.

In order to prevent an overflow of the container, a level sensor have to monitor the level and switch on an agitator, so that the dough drops again. This process occurs over several hours.

The sensor must comply with current food standards. In addition, the measurement by the fermentation must not be adversely affected.

The process data

  • Filling: Sourdough
  • Containers: Standing cylindrical tank with agitator
  • Temperature: 40 ° C
  • Process connection: thread G1 “

The solution

As the leaven is sticky and adherent there must be non-contact measurement.

The ultrasonic sensor Sonicont USN is ideal for this task. It reliably measures the dough-level and allows non-contact switches of the agitator.

Taken with a slow pulse rate and the blanking function, the agitator can be hidden.

In addition, the ascending fermentation gases don not affect the sensor and the sensor is stable under pressure up bar. 2

Thus, a reliable production process is ensured.

The advantages

  • quick installation and easy commissioning
  • temperature from -40 … + 85 ° C
  • High compressive strength of 0.3 … 2 bar
  • Low blocking distance
  • Stainless steel junction box
  • Large color TFT display
  • Direct switching outputs

More information

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