New high-class – sensor series from ACS

Eggenfelden, 28.08.2017

As a innovative company for measurement techniques ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH develops, produces and sales filling level, pressure, temperature and flow sensors.

The products meet all kind of requirements and are suitable for use under extreme conditions.

ACS also developes and produces innovative measuring systems according to individual needs and requests.

Ongoing improvement and innovation in measurement technology is of great importance, so that this year ACS overhaulted some products completely.

The high-class product portfolio has been completely revised and ACS is presenting the new sensors Hydrocont® HN4, Precont® PN4 und Sonicont USN4.

The Hydrocont® HN4 is an electronic fill level transmitter / fill level switch for monitoring, control as well as continuous measurement of levels in liquids (Previous seriesHydrocont® SN50).

The Precont® PN4 series  are pressure transmitter / pressure switch with data memory for general and hygienic applications for monitoring of absolute or relative pressure  in gases, vapors, liquids and dust (Previous series: Precont® TN).

The Sonicont USN4 is an ultrasonic level transmitter / level switch for non-contact measurement of filling levels in liquids, pastes and coarse bulk materials. Additional application fields are volume or flow measurement (Previous series: Sonicont USN).

ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH developed a new design for the controls of these fill level  sensors.

In addition, the device have been narrowed, so that the sensor is now even more versatile.

ACS have provided more clarity and ease of use so that the device presents itself with best readability thanks to full color display and user-friendliness due to the 3-key operation display with tactile feedback.

The software was optimized and extended by a new algorithm. The Sonictrack is a better algorithm for the detection of ultrasonic signals, so that interference signals e.g. agitators etc. can be recognized even better and thus a safe operation can be ensured.

The robust design and the high-quality workmanship turns the device into a very high quality product, which even the most adverse environmental conditions cannot affect, whether low temperatures when used outdoors, high shock and vibration or aggressive media.

With this optimized sensor family, all areas of measurement technology are covered and ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH enables accurate and reliable measurements of level, pressure and flow for demanding tasks at the highest level and with the latest technology.