Temperature sensor Thermocont® TS4

Eggenfelden, 14.07.2016

The devices of the Thermocont® TS4-series are temperature sensors and -transmitters Pt100 with self-monitoring for general and hygienic applications for monitoring temperatures in gases, vapors, liquids and dust.

ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH developed a new design for the controls of these temperature sensors (Previous series: Thermocont® TS). In addition, the devices have been shortened, so that the sensors are now even more versatile.

We have provided more clarity and ease of use and the devices present themselves with easy operation and good readability due to the 3-key operation display with tactile feedback.

Due to the device construction with

  • Process temperature from up to –99,9°C to +500°C
  • Process pressures up to 50 bar (Thermocont® TS4L) resp. 100 bar (Thermocont® TS4S)
  • Process contacting material stainless steel V4A as well as the availability of a variety of hygienic resp. standard process connections like

as well as the availability of a large number of hygienic or aseptic process connections

  • connection for compression fitting (Thermocont® TS4S)
  • thread connections ISO 228-1 (Thermocont® TS4S)
  • thread connection ISO 228-1 with front-flush O-ring gasket (Thermocont® TS4S)
  • thread connections metric resp. ANSI NPT – on request (Thermocont® TS4S)
  • internal thread M18x1.5 for adapter – on request (Thermocont® TS4S)
  • Elastomer-free and free of dead space metallic sealing connection, EHEDG-/3A-/FDA-conformal (Thermocont® TS4L)
  • Varivent® (Thermocont® TS4L)
  • Dairy coupling DIN 11851 (Thermocont® TS4L)
  • Tri-Clamp® / Clamp DIN 32676 / Clamp ISO 2852 (Thermocont® TS4L)
  • Aseptic tube coupling DIN 11864-1-A (Thermocont® TS4L)
  • DRD, APV-Inline, BioControl®, SMS, flanges acc. to DIN and ISO on request (Thermocont® TS4L)

the device Thermocont® TS4S is especially suitable for the use for

  • machinery and plant engineering
  • air-conditioning and refrigeration plant engineering
  • hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • process industry
  • environmental technology
  • paint and coating industry

and the device Thermocont® TS4L is especially suitable for the use for

  • food and beverage industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • biotechnology
  • sterile process engineering

The temperature switches are suitable for demanding measuring requirements – also in hygienic areas.

Compared with temperature sensors, which are calibrated cyclic, the process safety increases when using the temperature switch with self-supervision. At cyclic calibration an occurring drift will be also detected, but an undefined time it has been produced with a drift affected sensor. Because the devices generate a signal immediately at exceedance of the set drift limit, it must not be waited until to the end of the calibration interval. Thus the process safety and with this the product quality will be improved significantly.

Besides the increased process safety, the use of the temperature switch with self-supervision allows substantial cost savings. Due to the use of two redundantly working sensors, which are mutually monitored, the calibration intervals can be increased und thus calibrations can be saved.

Due to its high accuracy and the high flexibility of configuration, the device can be suited a wide variety of applications.

The process connection for the Thermocont® TS4L with metallic sealing has been specifically designed for the hygienic, dead-space and elastomer-free process adaption.

The temperature sensor Thermocont® TS4S with front-flush O-ring gasket has been specifically designed for the measurement of viscous, paste-like, adhesive, crystallizing, particle-laden and contaminated media. The process connection is supplied with a positive seal. A reliable, dead-space free sealing between the process connection and the process adapter resp. measuring medium is thus assured.

The robust design and the high-quality workmanship turns the devices into very high quality products, which even the most adverse environmental conditions cannot affect, whether the lowest temperatures when used outdoors, extreme shock and vibration or aggressive media.

A captive laser marking of the type label ensures the identifiability throughout the entire lifetime of the devices.

Obviously is the optional marking of a measurement point designation resp. TAG, a customer label or of a neutral type label, of course also per laser marking.

A LABS-free resp. silicone-free version, a factory calibration with calibration certificate and a customer specific configuration resp. preset is also optionally available like a material test certificate EN10204 3.1 or factory certifications for drink water resp. food suitability.

Customer specific special versions can be realized on request, e.g.

  • software adaption (menu navigation, special functions, etc.),
  • changed terminal assignment resp. connector orientation,
  • design adaption of the user surface,
  • special designs for the process connection