Level measurement

ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM combines classic level measurement with the digital world.

The requirements for level measurements have increased. Not only legal regulations but also natural hazards require greater reliability, accuracy, timeliness and security of the measured values.

This is exactly where the newly developed complete system from ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM comes into play. Both for groundwater measurement with the Hydrocont® HP4 and the new data logger Hydrolog® HLF4, as well as for separate level measurements with the Hydrocont® HP4 or Sonicont USP4 and the data logger DLF4, new reliable transmission paths have been created that automatically send the measured values ​​to the ACS portal. Here these are made available in clear tables and graphics or in a map view (based on GoogleMaps).

A redundancy measurement guarantees reliable measured values, since the measuring system verifies itself through two physically independent measurements. The data logger DLF4, as well as the Hydrolog® HLF4, issues an alarm in the event of deviating values, which means that manual control plumbing is hardly necessary.

ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM GmbH offers holistic solutions for you!


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