Data logger DLF4

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Independent data logger and IOT Gateway

  • Different possiblities for power supplies
  • Communication via the best available provider
  • Up to 7 Sensors with 12 measurement categories


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The Datalogger DLF4 serves as a sensor gateway with measured value recording and remote data transmission from various sensors.

The device is equipped with multi-function inputs, to which both standard sensors with an analog signal and digital sensors with Modbus protocol, but also pulse signals, which also serve as counter or control inputs, can be connected.

A new and innovative redundancy function makes it possible to have the measured values automatically verified by the Datalogger. The recorded data are cyclically transferred to the ACS portal on the Internet. There they can be analyzed and processed by the authorized user from any location.

The Datalogger DLF4 is particularly suitable for measurements in remote locations where measured values have to be recorded and easily transferred to the Internet. The areas of application range from level monitoring in silos, monitoring of rain overflow basins, flow measurements on channels, level measurements on water, and monitoring of landfills.


The battery-operated Datalogger DLF4 serves as a link between the measuring point, e.g. with a level sensor from the Hydrolog® series and the data platform on the Internet.

Depending on the setting and sensor, a battery can achieve a service life of more than 5 years. It is possible to operate the Datalogger DLF4 via an external power supply or PV modules instead of batteries.

The data transfer to the ACS portal on the Internet is carried out automatically by the strongest mobile operator on site. It does not matter whether there is 2G GSM or 4G LTE network coverage. The SIM card is already integrated in the device. The user does not need any further mobile phone contracts.

The range of possible sensors ranges from 4… 20mA 2-wire sensors, via voltage signals, to devices with Modbus protocol. A digital input also allows counting pulses. Control functions such as e.g. Start and stop of the measurement can be realized.

The built-in redundancy function makes it possible to compare two measured values from different sensors. This means that measured values can be verified and an alarm is triggered automatically at an adjustable difference. This results in the highest level of measurement reliability combined with a minimum of control measurements.

Operation on site is via a Bluetooth® interface in connection with an app. No special devices are required for this. A smartphone, tablet or laptop is sufficient for operation.

Bluetooth_rgb Alarmmanagement Druck UltraLowPower Bauform_kompakt 4G_LTE_2G_GSM_5Gready
Batterie Lithium
Akkumulator LiION
Versorgungsspannung DC 7 V…32 V DC
≤ 350mA
PV-Modul 4,5 V…35 V DC
≤ 1A
Eingang COM CI1 / CI2
Schnittstelle RS485, bidirektional
9600 Baud (4800…38400 Baud)
Eingang Analog AI1 / AI2 / AI3
Arbeitsbereich Strom I AI1 / AI2: FSI 0…28mA / Ri 27R
Arbeitsbereich Spannung U AI1 / AI2: FSI 0…19V / Ri ≥ 1,2 MR
Arbeitsbereich Widerstand R AI3: FSI 0…2200Ohm / Io = 340µA
Kennlinienabweichung ≤ ±0,05% FSI
Temperaturabweichung ≤ ±0,1% FSI / 10K
Eingang Digital DI1 / DI2
Arbeitsbereich ≤ 20kOhm / ≤ 1kHz
Ausgangsspannung UO1 / UO2 16,6V ± 0,3V (0mA)
15,9V ± 0,3V (30mA)
0…30mA, max. 40mA
Ausgangsspannung UO3 / UO4 6,7V ± 0,2V (0mA)
6,6V ± 0,2V (100mA)
0…100mA, max. 300mA
Ausgangsspannung UO5 3,8V ± 0,2V (0mA)
3,2V ± 0,2V (100mA)
0…250mA, max. 300mA
Interface Bluetooth®
Version Bluetooth® 5.0 LE (2Mbit/s)
Interface 4G / 2G
Version 4G LTE Cat. 1 (B3, B8, B20)
GPRS (900MHz / 1800MHz)
Speichergröße 8MB
≥ 800.000 Messwerte
Umgebungstemperatur -20°C…+60°C
Schutzart IP65/IP67 (EN/IEC 60529)

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