Transcont CR

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Flexible universal temperature transmitter with display and interface Blueport

  • 2 multifunction inputs with high resolution
  • LCD display with control keys
  • Multifunctional use



The Transcont CR is suitable for Measurement, scaling, and separation of electrical signals, e.g. for:

  • Heat treatment plants
  • Drying equipment
  • Furnace builders
  • Metallurgy
  • Kilns
  • General machine building
  • Research and development
  • Speed control, flow measuring, event counting, energy consumption collecting
  • etc.



Transcont CR transmitters are designed to give precise and cost-effectivesignal detection and processing tasks. Every Transcont CR has at least one universalinput, one universal output and a relay. Optionally, the transmitter can be fitted with an additional relay, with a second universal input and counter or frequency input. Optionally, the voltage output can also be used as frequency output.
Galvanic isolation is provided between inputs and outputs as well as from the supply voltage and the communication interfaces.

The compact Transcont CR is clipped onto a top-hat DIN rail, and can also be unmounted very simply.

All connections are of the plug-in type,so that a transmitter can be replaced very quickly without disturbing the wiring.

Display and operation
The two-line LC display permits simultaneous indication of the measured value and all of the unit’s operating functions. Moreover, a LED and 4 other display elements give a reliable indication of operating status, operating mode, and error messages. The user-configurable engineering unit of the measured value can be included in the display.

By means of the extended Operating Level, it is possible to show any signal or parameter in the 2nd display line.

Interfaces and Engineering Tools
The transmitter settings are also configurable by means of an Engineering Tool. Via the BlueControl® software, including the transmitter simulation and especially the convenient connection via the BluePort® front interface, the Transcont CR Universal transmitter Compact design Display operating functions Communication features High resolution Fast cycle times Two universal inputs & universal output. Two relay outputs Counter/ frequency input, frequency output
Customer-specific linearization Measurement value correction Min/max indicator (‘slave pointer’) rail line user can solve the task in hand without having to work through operating instructions.

Of course, practically all settings can also be made from the device front. Moreover, the Transcont CR can exchange data with superordinate systems and PCs via an optional RS 485 interface with MODBUS RTU protocol that is fitted into the top-hat DIN rail.

Devices with option system interface can be connected via bus coupler to fieldbusses.

Password protection
If required, unauthorized access to the various Operating Levels can be prevented with a password, or an entire level can be blocked.

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