Flowgas® TMS 300

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Meter for compressed air and gas including measurement section

  • Easy and cost effective Installation
  • Due to a high accuracy ideal for leakage measurings
  • No adjustment necessary


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The affordable consumption counter Flowgas TMS 300 works according to the proven calorimetric measuring principle. A heated sensor is cooled by the gas flowing around him. The flow-dependent cooling is utilized as a measuring scale while the degree of cooling is directly dependent on the passing air or gas mass. An additional pressure and temperature compensation is therefore not necessary.
Due to its compact design it is possible the new cheap consumption meters TMS 300 are usable for all pressure air pipe lines, from production to consumption smallest unit (“1/4 to 2 inches). For larger pipe diameters from DN 50 to DN 300 the consumption sensors TMS 500 are available. In addition to pressure air, other gases can e.g. Nitrogen, oxygen, CO2 be measured, too.
The installation of the meter Flowgas TMS 300 is simple and fast. A particular advantage is the removable measuring unit. This allows the unit of measurement for calibration or cleaning purposes be removed quickly and easily without removing the complete measuring section.

Gase_Durchfluss_en Keine_bewegten_Teile2 Kein_Abgleich Montage_einfach robust Kompakt
Measurement types m³/h, l/min (1000mbar, 20°C) for compressed air
Nm³/h, Nl/min (1013mbar, 0°C) for gases
Measurement principle Calorimetric measurement
Sensor thermal mass flow sensor
Measured medium air, gases
Operating temperature -30°C…+80°C
operating pressure ≤ 16bar, special version PN 40 (40bar)
Power supply 24V DC smoothed ±15%
Load < 500Ohm
Supply current max. 80mA at 24V DC
Digital output RS 485 interface
Analog output 4…20mA for m³/h bzw. l/min
Impulse output 1 impulse per m³ bzw. l
pulse output galvanically isolated
pulse value on display adjustable
Accuracy ± 1,5% v.M.
± 0,3% v.E.
Mounting threads R¼”, R½”, R¾”, R1″, R1¼”, R1½”, R2″ External thread
Material housing: polycarbonate
Measuring range: stainless steel 1.4301 / 1.4404

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