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Industrial and process controller

  • Program controller function
  • Self optimizing function
  • Pre-configuration on demand



The industrial and process controller MIR-491-492 are suitable for precise and reasonably priced control applications in all fields of industry. It can be selected between simple ON/OFF control, PID control and motor step control.

The actual value signal is connected at an universal input. A second analogue input can be used for heating current measurement or as external set point input or as position feedback indicator of motor step controller.

The optional third input can be used as an universal input for a variety of functions, like e.g. a temperature dependent set point correction of differential control etc.

Each MIR-491-492 has 4 process outputs: either only relays or up to 2 universal outputs, that can be configurated for control of solid state relays, as steady output with current or voltage or as sensor supply.

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