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air duct – resistance thermometer Pt100

  • Optimized probe for air duct measurement
  • Measuring insert exchangeable
  • Sensor and process connection made entirely of V4A



Fundamentals of ACS Universal resistance thermometer are standardized, high-quality platinum RTDs of a nominal resistance of 100 ohms at 0 ° C, tolerance classes A, B, 1/3B (AA) – in accordance with DIN EN / IEC 60751st.

ACS Pt100 probes have a high accuracy and reproducibility are ​​extremely reliable.

The sensing elements are embedded in the protective tube with magnesium oxide powder and are sealed hermisch.

Thus, a good heat transfer and vibration protection is achieved.

Standard measuring temperatures are -70 ° C. .. +300 ° C;

High temperature versions +500 ° C / +600 ° C, low-temperature versions, special materials, special process connections and OEM versions are also available.

The given measuring temperature refers to an average temperature at the probe tip.

With cable versions, for example PTS / PTK and Pt100 sensors with connection head, possibly with integrated head transmitter, the respective maximum temperature of the cable, heads, etc. with on-site isolation, use of Pt100 must be considerated.

The measurement speed of the individual Pt100 sensor is highly dependent on operating conditions, the measured medium and the physical dimensions.

The immersion depth should not be less than 50 mm. Please clarify always shorter probe lengths with the ACS staff.

CIP_SIP 4_20mA_2_PNP Ansprechzeit V4A Saeurebestaendig
Measuring element Platinum resistance element Pt100 / Pt1000
Temperature ranges
(at the measuring tip)
-70°C…+500°C (on request)
-70°C…+600°C (on request)
low-temperature version (on request)
Tolerace class AA, A, B – according to IEC 60751
Signal type 1 x Pt100: in 2-, 3- and 4-wire connection
2 x Pt100: in 2 x 2- or 2 x 3-wire connection
3 x Pt100: in 3 x 2-wire connection
free skinner for self-installation of a head transmitter
head transmitter, 4…20 mA/ 0…10 V output, standard, Ex,
Profibus; others on request
Connection type terminal compartment in Alu-, plastic- or stainless steel housing
fix connection cable – PTFE shielded, silicone, PVC, glass silk with steel mesh
Lemo-plug system, M12 plug system
others on request
(process side)
protective tubes made of seamless stainless steel: 1.4571(AISI 316Ti)
flanges, process connections: 1.4571 (AISI 316 Ti)
special materials on request
(connection side)
housing:aluminium, CrNi-steel, PP-polypropylene, POM-polyoxymethylene
cable material see „connection type“

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