Transcont (Ex)WTA-100-G0

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Pt100 transmitter, passive; permanently set, conversion from Pt100 to 4-20mA or 0-10V, 2 switching outputs

  • Can be used in the ATEX area
  • Easy commissioning through fixed areas
  • Optional with switching output



The DIN rail temperature transmitter Transcont (Ex) WTA-100-G0, for connection to a Pt100 resistance thermometer, is a temperature signal converter for measuring, converting and monitoring temperatures in the range from -100 ° C to + 600 ° C with a measuring range between 20 Kelvin and 700 Kelvin.
Due to the two integrated PNP switching outputs, separate evaluation devices can be dispensed with in many cases.



The temperature transmitter Transcont (Ex) WTA-100-G0 is designed for mounting on a standard mounting rail in accordance with DIN EN 50022 – 35.

A constant current is impressed from an integrated current source through a 2- or 3-wire Pt100 resistor built into the sensor. This current causes a voltage drop across the Pt100, which increases or decreases depending on the level of the medium temperature to be measured.

The resistance-proportional voltage signal generated on the Pt100 is recorded by the transmitter, linearized and converted into a direct current signal of 4 … 20mA or a direct voltage signal of 0 … 10V.

The voltage signal of the Pt100 is monitored and if the sensor breaks, failure information is provided via the 4 … 20 mA or 0 … 10V output signal. In this case, the output signal rises to 21.7 mA or 10.85 V. In the event of a sensor short-circuit, the signal drops to 3.55 mA or 0 V. Two overload and short-circuit-proof PNP switching outputs that can be freely adjusted using a potentiometer are integrated , for which the function, idle or open-circuit principle, can be set. The function of each switching output is changed using jumpers located inside the housing.
The limit value can be set with the help of a voltage, which can be measured at the sockets on the front, with the potentiometer also on the front according to the output signal. 0.2V corresponds to the output zero signal (0V / 4mA) and 1.0V corresponds to the output end signal (10V / 20mA).

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