Flood early warning system

Sudden, localized heavy rainfall can cause immense damage not only to residential and infrastructure buildings, but also personal injury. Therefore, it is also important to warn the population in these risk areas of these forces of nature at an early stage with a flood early warning system.

With the remote data transmission module DLF4 in conjunction with various sensors, such as the Hydrocont HP4 for level measurement in rivers and streams, or the precipitation gauge NR4M, a reliable early flood warning system tailored to local needs can be offered.

In addition, conventional level sensors are installed at critical road culverts and bridges. If culverts are blocked or overloaded by debris and floating debris, the occurring backwater is detected by our system and reported without delay.

In combination with a precipitation sensor, the various measured variables and information enable correlations to be detected and warnings to be sent at an early stage. Due to this faster reaction possibility, alarms can be sent before a large-scale flooding of residential and infrastructure occurs.

These systems operate autonomously and can therefore be used at any critical point where a measurement task is required.
ACS-CONTROL-SYSTEM supports you in planning and commissioning up to maintenance.

Our software solutions – everything from a single source!

ACS Control System not only develops the products, but complete system solutions. From the sensor to the perfectly coordinated online portal, we offer you the entire periphery around your early warning system. We take care of all settings for you, as well as the installation and commissioning of the entire dimensional system on request.

The technology used in our system solution is absolutely secure and state-of-the-art. The remote transmission of your data takes place via GSM / LTE mobile radio standard. Here, the specially developed portal of ACS takes over all intelligent functions and sends individual push messages and SMS messages according to your specifications. If a measuring point loses mobile contact with the ACS portal, this is noticed by the portal and a corresponding message is sent. Via the internet-based portal, all settings of the measuring point can be reset at any time and the measured values can be read out and monitored.

For the absolute all-round carefree package, we offer you the option of a complete solution with maintenance contracts. This means that no special knowledge is required to operate the measuring point.

You receive a complete, tested and configured system – everything from a single source.

Internet of Things Solutions

Flood early warning system from ACS – your benefits:

+ No power supply necessary on site > You can operate the measuring point with battery life up to 10 years, self-sufficient.
+ Various ready-to-operate complete systems on offer > Plannable costs.
+ State-of-the-art modules for data transmission from 2G to LTE, prepared for 5G > An investment security also for future mobile networks
+ Easy user management > You can create as many users as you want on the WEB portal without additional costs.
+ Easy commissioning > Simply download the free app to your smartphone and parameterize the devices via Bluetooth®.
+ Measured values can be called up constantly via the Internet > You do not need any special software on your computer.
+ Secure alarming in case of events like e.g. flood or heavy precipitation via SMS, Push message or email.

Hochwasserfrühwarnsystem DLF Triftern
Hochwasserschutz Konfiguration
Hochwasserfrühwarnsystem DLF Triftern