Hydrocont D50

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Hydrostatic filling level measurement, suitable also for Ex areas

With dry capacitive measurement system and with display, 4-20mA or 0-10V output and 2 pnp switching outputs

  • No problems with condensation
  • Perfectly suitable for food applications
  • Up to 80 times overload



The devices of the series Hydrocont® D50 with integrated digital evaluation electronic are compact sensors for measuring and monitoring of fill levels.

The excellent characteristics like highest strength against pressure and pressure blows, high resistance against chemicals and corrosion, very good insensitiveness against temperature shocks and EM interference, highest accuracy and long term stability and also low influence of temperature makes it possible to use the sensor in all pressureless containers for liquid medium like water, waste water, solvents, oil, sludge, grease, cleaning agents, etc.

Because of the special construction of the device Hydrocont® D50, this sensor is especially suitable for the use in areas with high air humidity and condensed water formation, where conventional devices can not be used or can only be used by applying an expensive leaded pressure compensation capillary.


The level measurement system Hydrocont® D50 is built in the wall of the medium container.

The medium contacts directly the ceramic membrane of the sensor without using a pressure mediator liquid and causes there a deflection of the membrane because of the hydrostatic pressure of the medium.

At the maximum deflection the membrane contacts a robust ceramic carrier and because of this, the membrane come through over pressure of up to 80-times of nominal load without damage.

The fill level proportional pressure signal of the ceramic membrane is recorded from a processor with high resolution, adjusted according to the settings and converted into a high resolution output signal of 4…20mA or 0…10V. Due to the integrated linearization function with up to 25 linearization points it is possible to realize a linearization of the measuring signal, e.g. for the volume calculation in conical or laying cylindrical container.

By using 3 keys and an LED display the sensor measurement range, the display, the PNP-switching outputs and the damping can be adjusted or the behaviour in the case of failure and the release of the fast adjustment can be set.

The switching state of the two PNP-switching output is signalled by one LED for every output.

Ueberlast_80 4_20mA_2_PNP Feuchteresistent 4_20mA_2_PNP Ex_Zulassung
Ausgang Varianten A/B/C/D 4 bis 20 mA, 2-Draht
Ausgang Varianten E/F/G/H 0 bis 10 V, 3-Draht
Zulässige Speisespannung
Variante C/D 12,5 V bis 45 V DC
Variante A/B/E/F/G/H 16,5 V bis 45 V DC
Restwelligkeit ≤ 2 Vss
Schaltausgänge (S1 / S2) 2x PNP-schaltend auf +VS
Ausgangsstrom > 250 mA, strombegrenzt, kurzschlussfest
Verzögerungszeit Ausgang bei Dämpfung 1 T90 typ. 260 ms, max. 310 ms
Einstellbereich Dämpfung 0,3 bis 30 Sekunden / 100 Stufen
Temperaturabweichung ≤ 0,2% / 10 K der Nennmessspanne
Kennlinienabweichung ≤ 0,1% / 0,2% der Nennmessspanne
Kalibrier-Abweichung ≤ 0,05% der Nennmessspanne
Langzeitdrift ≤ 0,1% / Jahr der Nennmessspanne
Speisespannungseinfluss ≤ 0,02% / 10 V der Nennmessspanne
Auflösung besser 1 µA bzw. 0,5 mV (16 Bit = 65536 Stufen)
Membran Keramik Standard AL2O3 96%
Keramik Hochrein AL2O3 99,9%
Prozessanschluss Stahl 1.4404 / andere auf Anfrage
Temperaturtrennstück Stahl 1.4404 / andere auf Anfrage
Dichtungen  Viton® / EPDM / Neopren® / Perfluorelastomer
Anschlussgehäuse Stahl 1.4301
Tragkabel PE/FEP
Messstoffbedingungen -40°C bis +125°C (für 1h 140°C);
bei Tragkabel -20°C bis +70°C
Umgebungs-/Lagertemperatur -40°C bis +85°C;
bei Tragkabel -20°C bis +70°C
Schutzart IP65/IP67

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