Rod probe SLK

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For food

With up to 4 probe systems, Fluid Temperature: -40°C … 130°C

  • Different process connections for hygienic applications
  • CIP/SIP capable
  • Up to 20bar pressure


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The SLK rod probes are used in conjunction with the evaluation units (eg, SRA-100-U0) for level detection and level control in conductive liquids, especially in food and used in the pharmaceutical sector, where high hygiene requirements.
Depending on the number of bars and evaluation devices used, different measurement tasks such as Overflow, dry run, two-step control, moisture detection, etc. are realized.

Depending on model selected can include the container wall as a mass, to be implemented to 4 set points. The ground connection is made in the probe head and is transferred through the threads on the conductive container.
Process connections, various hygienic connections are available, the seal gap, flush.

In the probe head, an additional module (diode module LBM) for permanent circuit monitoring to be installed.
In the case of a line break between the electrode probe and an appropriate evaluation, the evaluation issue an alert.

By stainless steel process connection the probe is to 20bar pressure stable and in conjunction with the ETFE coating, process temperatures up to +130°C can be realized.

Ex_Zulassung 4_20mA_2_PNP CIP_SIP Prozesstemperatur_130 Druck_bis_20 Messbereich_35_m
Process pressure max. -1bar … +20bar
Medium temperature -40°C…+130°C
Protection class IP65 EN/IEC 60529
Material connection housing CrNi-Steel
Material process connection Steel 1.4404 (AISI316L)
Steel 1.4571 (AISI316TI)
Material probe rod Steel 1.4404 (AISI316L)
Steel 1.4571 (AISI316TI)
Hastelloy B4, C22
Isolation probe rod ETFE
(Medium contact)

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