Precont® PK4S

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Pressure transmitter for measurement of relative pressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dust – even from harzadous areas

  • Smallest design
  • Process temperature up to 200 ° C without diaphragm seal
  • 2-wire electronics 4 … 20mA programmable via HART



The device Precont® PK4S is an electronic pressure transmitter / pressure switch for monitoring, control and continuous measurement of pressures.

The pressure transmitter is suitable for demanding measuring requirements, especially at constricted installation situations and high temperature stress.

Due to its high accuracy and the digital adjustability by HART® the device can be suited to a wide variety of applications.

The robust design and the high-quality workmanship turns the device into a very high quality product, which even the most adverse environmental conditions cannot affect, whether the lowest temperatures when used outdoors, extreme shock and vibration stress or aggressive media.

A captive laser marking of the type label ensures the identifiability throughout the entire lifetime of the device.

Obviously is the optional marking of a measurement point designation resp. TAG, a customer label or of a neutral type label, of course also per laser marking.

A factory calibration with calibration certificate and a customer specific configuration resp. preset is also optionally available like factory certifications for drink water suitability.

Customer specific special versions can be realized on request, e.g. special designs for the process connection or other process materials.

4_20mA_2_PNP Bauform_klein Ansprechzeit Genauigkeit_0_5_en Prozesstemperatur_200_en
Versorgungsspannung 9 V … 35 V DC, verpolungsgeschützt
Stromaufnahme ≤ 22mA
Analogausgang 4…20mA
Arbeitsbereich 3,9mA … 21mA
≥ 3,8mA
≤ 22mA
Zulässige Bürde ≤ (US – 9V) / 22mA
Bereitschaftszeit ≤ 0,2s
Typ FSK moduliertes Stromsignal – HART® konform (7.0)
Signal 0,5mASS – 1200Hz / 2200Hz
Kommunikationswiderstand ≥ 250Ω, extern
Aktivität 20s (td = 0 … <1s) / ∞ (td = ≥1s)
Adresse 0 (0 … 15)
Übertragungsrate 1200 Bit/s
Kennlinienabweichung ≤ ±0,15% FS
≤ ±0,5% FS
Langzeitdrift ≤ ±0,2% FS/Jahr, nicht kumulativ (1000h/+125°C) (bei Variante Prozesstemperatur Typ 0)
≤ ±0,5% FS/Jahr, nicht kumulativ (1000h/+200°C) (bei Variante Prozesstemperatur Typ 1)
Temperaturabweichung Tk Nullpunkt: ≤ ±0,015% FS/10K
Tk Spanne: ≤ ±0,015% FS/10K
Stahl 1.4548 (bei Variante Prozesstemperatur Typ 0)
Inconel 718 (bei Variante Prozesstemperatur Typ 1)
Stahl 1.4404 (316L)
Anschlussgehäuse CrNi-Stahl
Elektrisches Anschlusselement PUR (Gerätestecker)
Druckausgleichselement Acrylcopolymer
FPM – Fluorelastomer (Viton®)
Umgebungstemperatur Ta Standard: -40°C … +125°C
Erweitert: -40°C … +200°C
Prozesstemperatur Tp -40°C … +200°C
Prozessdruckbereiche 0 … +600bar (relativ)
Schutzart IP69K/IP67 (EN/IEC 60529)

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