Precont® S30

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With EHEDG process connection for hygienic applications

  • EHEDG Compliance
  • Wide choice of different variants of electronic an housing
  • Analouge and up to 4 switching points



The devices of the series Precont® S30 with EHEDG conform process connection for hygienic applications are used for supervision, control and also for continuous measurement of pressures from -1 up to +25 bar in gases, steams, liquids and dusts within closed containers or pipelines at process temperatures from -40°C to +150°C.

The pressure sensor Precont® S30 is expecially designed for the requirements in the food and semi-luxory item industy, as well as the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology. This is especially relavant for the extreme conditions like chemical resistance against cleaning agents as well as insensitiveness against increases temperatures in the case of CIP/SIP cleaning processes.

Due to the availability of adapters for the common process connections like varivent or connections acc. to DIN11851 with cone flange with nut groove for pipes acc. to DIN 11850, as well as a suitable weld-in sleeve the pressure transmitter can be installed in nearly hygienic application.

The use of a strain gauge with metallic membrane guarantees excellent characteristics like high pressuren and pressure blow strength, high resistance against chemicals and corrosion, very good insensitiveness against temperature shocks and EM interferences, high accuracy and long term stability as well as low temperature sensitiveness.

4_20mA_2_PNP 4_20mA_2_PNP CIP_SIP LED_Anzeige EHEDG_konform Prozesstemperatur_150
Ausgangssignal 4 bis 20mA
(mit Display)
14,5 V bis 45 V DC
14,5 V bis 30 V DC (bei Ex-Variante)
Ausgangssignal 4 bis 20mA
(ohne Display)
10,5 V bis 45 V DC
10,5 V bis 30 V DC (bei Ex-Variante)
Ausgangssignal 0 bis 10V 14,5 V bis 45 V DC
14,5 V bis 30 V DC (bei Ex-Variante)
2-Leiter 4 bis 20mA ≤ 22mA (PNP-Schaltausgänge im Leerlauf)
3-Leiter 0 bis 10V ≤ 10mA (PNP-Schaltausgänge im Leerlauf)
Funktion PNP-schaltend auf +Vs
Ausgangsstrom ≤ 250mA
Kennlinienabweichung ≤ ±0,15% FS
≤ ±0,5% FS
Langzeitdrift ≤ ±0,2% FS/Jahr nicht kumulativ
Temperaturabweichung ≤ ±0,20% FS/10K (Zero/Span)
Stahl 1.4435 (316L)
Stahl 1.4435 (316L)
Anschlussgehäuse CrNi-Stahl
PBT Polybutylenterephthalat
POM – Polyoxymethylen (Delrin®)
FPM – Fluorelastomer (z.B. Vition®)
EPDM – Ethylen-Propylen-Dienmonomer
Umgebungstemperatur -40°C bis +85°C
Prozesstemperaturen -20°C bis +150°C
Prozessdruckbereiche -1bar bis 25bar
Turn-Down 30:1
Schutzart IP65 / IP67 (EN/IEC 60529)

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